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Me or Maple?

Okay here's the problem.  A function is described as Y:={a*t^2*[exp^(-b*t)]*cos(c*t)}/(1+d*sqrt(t));

I differentiate Y wrt t to find the velocity of the funtion V:= diff(Y,t);  also acceleration A:=diff(Y,t,t);

I give some values to a,b,c,d and assign a T:=20  and so a:=2: b:=3/8: c:=10: d:=1

Now I plot to view the velocity of the function over the time t=0..T    plot(V,t=0..T);  GREAT!

It's probably a simple issue but I can't figure it out

If I do 3/(4.)  I get .7500000000 .  Why doesn't maple drop the zeros? 

Is there a default so that when I divide a fraction like 3/8 or 1/4 and get .375 and .25 without the extra zeros?  or is it always standard for maple to tack on those extra zeros?


Okay, I'm just really starting to get into Maple again, but I'm having a little trouble getting a package to work.

I'm trying to take a look and review the precalculus package from the application center but it doesn't seem to work. 

It's from maple 7.  The new version doesn't seem to follow through on the commands made.


If I try this



solve({1*x+(1/2)*y+(1/6)*z =1,(1/2)*x+(1/6)*y+(1/24)*z =0,(1/6)*x+(1/24)*y+(1/120)*z =1}, {x,y,z} );

Maple 11 gives me the answer {x=63, y=-384, z=780}

However the book mathematical problem solving with computers (2002) maple 5.3 gives an answer of

{x=39, y=-216, z=420}

A book had shown me using maple that if I solve({xbx+c=0},{x});

I would get x = (-b + sqrt(b^2-4ac)) / 2  and x = -b - ...    a normal way, the way everyone simplifies it as. 


However maple prints out  x = (-1/2) * (b-sqrt(b^2-4ac))/a  and the other x= ....

It is correct, however the formatting is ugly.  Why doesn't it show the same expression in the book which shows maple displaying it properly? 

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