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Why is it that the command

plot( 'dphidx'(x,y,10,5,1/10), x= 0..1, y=0..1)

gives a good plot but I get an error for

evalf(Int(Int( 'dphidx'(x,y,10,5,1/10), x= 0..1) y=0..1))

Error, (in dphidx) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 99/10 < x and x < 10.


Here's the code for dphidx:

dphidx:=proc(x,y,xj,yj,h) local v; if xj - h<x and x<xj then if yj - h<y and y<yj+h then if y<=yj...

Every so often when I press return, the cursor will not move to another line.  I have to use an arrow key to move it to the next line to continue wit hthe execution.  This is extremely annoying.  Any idea why maple is beaving like that?

I can get the whole document executed when I use the !!! comand but the cursor ften stays in some command line in the middle of the document instead of the last line.

Also when I have a line of text in between...

I have a set of points and I want to display them in animation joined sequentially by line segments.  What's wrong with the following code?   Maple 11 gives the message    "Error, unable to execute seq"

traj:= [2,1], [3,2],[4,3], [6,8],[3,-2]

animate( plot,  [   [seq( traj[ k ],  k=1..J )]   ]  ,  J=[ 2,3,4,5] )



I want to write a code to illustrate complete pivoting. Is there a command to locate the largest (in magnitude) value in a Matrix and return the row and column index? I know I can always write my own code, but a builtin command would be handy.
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