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Sometimes I do stupid things like: a := Generate(set(integer(range=1..999999999999), 1000000))); Because of the ";" the result is that Maple quickly generates the set but then locks up and spends about 10 minutes trying to display the contents. Clicking the "abort computation" button doesn't help after the result has been calculated. Is there any other way to get maple to abort in such a case? If not is there a way to stop it from displaying lists of more than say 10000 elements? PS.
Has anyone ever written procedures in C that can be called from Maple on MAC OS X? I have looked at the WRAPPER help page and given it a go but I am completely lost. I have compiled the example C code from the WRAPPER page with XCode as a "shared library" but when I try to define it in maple I get the following error:
How do I compute the binary AND of two numbers? (i.e. a & b in C)
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