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Hello I am hoping someone can help me find a solution to this equation with MAPLE. The solution (sol) comes out as a rootof structure with constants numbered C1 to C8 (see input below,try yourself and see format of sol). I don't know how to simplify this rootof structure and find the values for the constants that i want. I know that C2=C3=C5=C7=0 but I need to find C1, C4, C6 and C8. Can anyone help me find the values for these constants when the boundary conditions are such that f1(0)=f2(0)=f3(0)=0 and f4(0)=(r1+r2+r3+r4)/r4 . Thank you very much. > restart; Digits := 10;
Hello Everybody I am very new to Maple and have a problem that I need help to. I have an equation and a plot in Maple that I need outputted to Excel for plotting in Excel. Is there any way to output the relevant x-y coordinates to a data file so that I can plot in Excel or can I directly output the x-y data straight into excel? Here is an example of the last few lines of Maple code. What lines of code should I add to this to get what I want? > t := .15; > r1 := 5;
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