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I have developed a Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic program (PKQuest) in Maple. Application of this program to more than 30 different drugs has been described in a series of publications. The program and the publications are freely available at www.pkquest.com.

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I apologize because this is not a technical question but I believe that the question and issue that I have is probably of interest to a wide range of Maple users.   I am a retired biophysicist and have been using Maple as a tool in my research since Maple 5.  I recently became aware of the amazing Maple Physics Package.  It seems to offer an incredible advance.  I say “seems” because its notation and complexity is a bit overwhelming.  What I was hoping to find was a complete course (or courses) in physics that used this package.  I was hoping that with such a course I could go through it in detail and could relearn physics and become proficient in using the package.  Unfortunately, after considerable search, I could not find such a course.  (There are some older brief tutorials that do not take advantage of the features in the new Physics package.)  I am sure that there must be some physics courses that are based around this Physics Package, certainly at the University of Waterloo or the Perimeter Institute.  I would like to suggest that these courses be made available online (with a fee if necessary).  If such courses were available I know that I would avidly use them as I am sure would many others.

I have developed a Maplet tutorial in which the output of the Maplet Evaluate is an X-Y plot displayed using the Maplet Plotter element. I would also like the Maplet to display the numerical X-Y data in a format that would allow the students to simply copy and paste the data directly into an Excel document so that they can carry out additional analysis of the data. Any suggestions?
I want the data returned from a Maplet Evaluate to appear in a Table. I have listed below an example Maplet: with(Maplets[Elements]): > setdata:=proc() > Maplets[Tools][Set]('expdata'= [[5,42.6],[10., 31.5], [15,28.8],[20., 22.3], [30., 18.7], [45., 14.1], [60., 11.1], [90., 7.7], [120.,4.9], [180., 2.5], [240., 1.3], [300., .7]]); > end proc: > maplet := Maplet([ > # [BoxCell(Table([A, B], 'expdata'), 'as_needed')], > [BoxCell(TextBox['expdata'](3..30))], > [Button("OK", Evaluate(function='setdata()'))] > ]): > Maplets[Display](maplet); The Commented out "Table" line fails and the "TextBox" works OK. Is there a way to have this data appear in Table form?
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