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I have a plot using plot() function. I would like to label the x-axis using math symbol (example a_subscript 0).

Is there any way I could do this. I tried label=["a[0]", "some text"]. However, the label on x-axis appears as a[0].


I am using Maple 15 Worksheet.

Thanks in advance.



I would like to display mathematical expressions on a plot.


I am using the following command on the code edit region of Maple 15 worksheet, intending to show the maths on a plot.

t := plots:-textplot([x, y, typeset(a[0]=1)], align = above): #where x and y are the position



I have created a large matrix (31  times 4) using Maple 15. some of the columns of the matrix contains a long list.

I would like to save the contents of the matrix to either MS-Word or Excel. I tried right-click>Browse>export and saved it as an excel file. But the data in the columns consisting the long lists is lost in the saved file.

1)Is there any other way I can save the contents of the matrix.

2) the matrix seems too large...


I have created a figure in Maple 15 using Plots:-display() command.  I want to save the combined figure (given by display) as a .eps format. I can do this by right-click on the image>export>Encapsulated Postcript. I need to run the code several times so that it produces a different image each time(by changing variables). I have to then click on the image and drag it so that it becomes the appropriate size I wanned.

My problem is that it is difficult...

Hi I am new to using Maple,

Mybe this is a very basic question.

I am trying to find solutions to the following nonlinear system of equations using fsolve.

This is the right hand side of a system of ODE.


I do get two solutions for the given parameter values. My question are:

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