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These are questions asked by dingtianlidi

I am a beginner of MapleSim. I study the MapleSim User Guide. I follow the Tutor 8:Modeling Hydraulic System. But the following issue occurs, as shown in the picture. I bet I follow the guide carefully.

Also, I find that if I open the User's Guide example,Chapter 6, Analysis of Simple Hydraulic System Network, which is the standard example,I simulate it and it works well. But if I delete the probe, and attach a probe at the same place , selecting same values to measure, and simulate again, it failed, giving the same error description. I need your help,please.



        Hello, everyone,I can not find a function that can do convolution, so if you know please tell me. Thanks!

I want to enter an equation because I can't upload an image, so a brief description is as follows:
p is a function of x,y, and the partial derivative of p with respect to y is zero at y=h
What is the code for this equation?

I used the implicit function to draw two images, how to display only the intersection of two images? Or, how do I draw the x^2+y^2+z^2=1 image under x+y+z=0 condition? Code show as above.Thank you.


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