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These are questions asked by djc


This question comes from a math forum, somebody wanted to solve the following system with maple, but he didn't find a way for it:

eqs:={20<=a,a<=60, 20<=b,b<=60, 20<=c,c<=60, 20<=d,d<=60, a+b+c+d=160, 4*a+6*b+8*c+12*d=1200};

where a,b,c,d are integers.

A possible workaround to try each a,b,c,d, numbers in the given ranges to find the solutions, but it would be good from maple to solve it directly.

Can Maple solve these kinds of problems directly?


Is there a command for displaying the name of the actual worksheet file in Maple?
I am looking for a similar command to currentdir(). It displays the actual file path. I would like to get also the file name of my actual worskheet file.
I would like to attach this information to my results automatically.

Thanks for your help in advance.


I woud like to read commands from a text file, that contains both expressions in Maple syntax  and  other  things too.
The following example is a simplified version of my problem.

The first example works as expected, it gives a vector of random data :

parse("Statistics:-Sample(Statistics:-RandomVariable(Normal(0, 1)),100)",statement) ;

The following line doesn't work for me (Maple 12), i. e Maple doesn't evaluate the Sample command.


I wanted to use the Split command of StringTools package and I realized that it is different from the Split command in Visual Basic.

In VB one can give a third argument to define the maximum numbers of splittings:
For example : in Visual Basic returns the array . , i.e.the function splits the string at the first occurrence of the ":".

It would be useful the improve this command in Maple to have this possibility.


Is there a direct way to calculate the area of the following 2D region in Maple (analytically or numerically).
The borders of the  region: y=x, y=2*x, x*y=1, x*y=2 {x>0,y>0}
Is it possible to define such region for integration (symbolic or numeric) in Maple?

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