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These are questions asked by eager0626


I need your help!

I have a function denoting the Kinetic energy.

I tried to derive a governing equation using  "Eulerlagrange" comment.

It is successful to obtain the equation at the coordinate of "Y(t)", but it fails to derive "w(Y(t),t)".

The associated file has been patched, please find it.

I'm forward to your response.

Thank you very much!



I am so pleased to be here to look for help in using Maple.

I am trying to find solutions to a set of nonlinear systems of equations using fsolve.

This code I am tried to solve is shown as follow:


I can get one solution for three variables, however, it's clear there are some solutions missed.

My questions are listed as:

1) How do I get all solutions for a fixed variable of sigma?

2) How do I create a  loop to obtain the solutions for various values of sigma?

3) How to plot solution of each variables versus sigma? 

3) How do I determine the stability of each solution?

Many thanks in advance.




I have a question about a calculation of a differential of a functional.

I think dW(Y(t), t)/dt equals W  +W'Y .

There is some problem when I try to calculate it in Maple as below:

diff(w(y(t), t), t);
                          / d      \                   
         D[1](w)(y(t), t) |--- y(t)| + D[2](w)(y(t), t)
                          \ dt     /                   
I don't know it right or wrong; and  what does the D[1],D[1] mean?

I hope i can get your help!




I am facing a problem to calculate the variable "al" in a equation like shown below.

fe := int(sqrt(1+(-5.557990765*sin(5.557990765*x)-7.3*cos(5.557990765*x)-5.6*sinh(5.557990765*x)+7.3*cosh(5.557990765*x))^2), x = 0 .. al) = .5

Is there any method in maple to solve it even through using numeric methods.

I'm forward to your response.

Thank you very much!


There is a error happened when i use the command "eliminate" ,

And,the target two equations is:

[190.0315457*d^6-7.601261828*d^4+344.0*c^2*d^2-2.677685950*c^4, 0.6830134554e-2*c^4+2084.317025*d^8-166.7453620*d^6+3.334907240*d^4-c^2*d^2]

The error is happened like that shown below.

Error, (in unknown) invalid arguments to divide: 4903.60312, 1.000000000 to use eliminate command!

I wonder why this error happened, could anyone help me!


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