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Consider the following simple procedure

>F:=proc(LL::{set(list(integer)), list(list(integer))})
 end proc:


Now execute this little loop

Can someone explain why is 0 handled differently by evalf[10] than nonzero numbers in the following examples? Digits:=50: epsilon:=Float(1.0,-30); -30 1.0 10 for x in [0,0.0,1,sqrt(2),Pi] do x,evalb(evalf[10](x)=evalf[10](x+epsilon)); od; 0, false 0., false 1, true (1/2) 2 , true Pi, true
Ignore this posting. The question was answered already in comp.soft-sys.math.maple. The problem was the use of point as the first argument of rotation. Change the two lines

> rotation(point,P,evalf(theta),el);
> coordinates(%);


> rotation(PP,P,evalf(theta),el);
> coordinates(PP);

and the procedure will work.


When I execute the procedure Rot below it works fine the first time but a second execution gives an error message? Is there a way to fix this problem? I have to do a restart to make it work again.
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