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If I apply showstat to numtheory:-invphi I find that the last line is >remove(has,sort(map(convert,invrec(a,divlist),'`*`')),FAIL) What is invrec? >?invrec returns "no matches found". Thanks to anyone who can clear up this mystery for me! And why isn't it documented? So far as I can tell numtheory:-invphi works fine. --Edwin PS I am using Maple 13.0

[I am using Maple 12.01 with Windows XP].

I tried to use gfun[listtorec] to find a recurrence for a particular sequence (given below), but the recurrence found is not correct.
Yet,  guessgf apparently gives the correct generating function.

>L:=[5, 8, 14, 24, 42, 72, 126, 216, 378, 648, 1134, 1944, 3402, 5832, 10206, 17496, 30618, 52488, 91854]:
               [{-u(t + 2) + 3 u(t), u(0) = 5, u(1) = 8}, ogf]

I believe I have found a bug in LinearAlgebra:-SmithForm. Consider the following:

A:=Matrix([[-3, 0, -2], [-3, 0, 2], [3, 0, -2], [3, 0, 2]]):
S,U,V := SmithForm(A, output = ['S','U','V'], method = 'integer'):
Equal(S,SS);   #should return true

Note that S and SS don't even have the same rank.

If you go the Help in Maple 12 Standard for "page numbers" you find directions to go to Format and look for Page Numbers, but there is no Page Numbers under Format in Maple 12 Standard (there is in Maple 12 Classic).


How about making it so that if I copy and paste the following lines from any common word processor (Word, Wordpad, Notepad,etc)

local i;
end proc;

into a Standard Maple 12 worksheet I dont get  > at the beginning of every line.

Not that if I copy and paste the lines into Classic I don't get the extra >'s.

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