I have a degree in Mathematics and Physics from the Danish University Aarhus, comparable to a masters degree with thesis - majoring in Mathematics. In 1991-92 I was a visting scholar at UCLA, Los Angeles, following graduate courses in Applied Mathematics. Since 1992 I have been a teacher in a high school (gymnasium) in Denmark. Special interests: Applied mathematics, graphics and popularizing Mathematics.

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The built-in Histogram command in the Statistics package only creates a Histogram from raw data, unfortunately. There is however a big number of situations, where you only have grouped data with intervals and their associated frequencies (probabilities) and want to plot the Histogram. Suppose that the intervals are of equal width and (indirectly) are specified from a starting point x0, a column-width named 'width' and the number of intervals given by n. Suppose the frequencies...

Dear Maple users

I have a question, which is probably very basic, but I can't find how to handle it in the Programming Manual or elsewhere. I need to declare a parameter, which is a vector of lists. Example of element:

< [3,7,2,4], [-3,6,8,0], [-5,8,4,2]>

Vector has n components and each list has k components. I tried declaring it like:


and other ways, but it didn't work. How can it be done?...

Dear Maple users

I am looking for easy ways to manipulate lists. Especially I want to take a list of lists, say:

[[1,3], [5,8], [9,2], [5,12]]

and create a list of the second components:


Another problem: How do I collect every second element of a list, say:


creating [2,9,6,0,7].

I can do it with loops, but I guess there is a smarter way to accomplish these tasks. I was looking...

Dear Maple users

I am working on a problem, which basicly is dealing with putting n identical marbles in k different boxes. I need to run through all possible combinations and do something with it. The latter is unimportant. Mathematics say there are binomial(n+k-1,k-1) different combinations. I have already produced a recursive procedure to solve the problem and it is displayed below. I have placed a counter in the procedure to control if the procedures get through...

Dear Maple users

The Statistics package contain a Histogram command which can produce a linegraph (or what you call it). Ex:






It will calculate the frequency of each of the outcomes as they appear in the list and will plot them accordingly: 

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