I have a degree in Mathematics and Physics from the Danish University Aarhus, comparable to a masters degree with thesis - majoring in Mathematics. In 1991-92 I was a visting scholar at UCLA, Los Angeles, following graduate courses in Applied Mathematics. Since 1992 I have been a teacher in a high school (gymnasium) in Denmark. Special interests: Applied mathematics, graphics and popularizing Mathematics.

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Dear Maple users

I am looking for easy ways to manipulate lists. Especially I want to take a list of lists, say:

[[1,3], [5,8], [9,2], [5,12]]

and create a list of the second components:


Another problem: How do I collect every second element of a list, say:


creating [2,9,6,0,7].

I can do it with loops, but I guess there is a smarter way to accomplish these tasks. I was looking...

Dear Maple users

I am working on a problem, which basicly is dealing with putting n identical marbles in k different boxes. I need to run through all possible combinations and do something with it. The latter is unimportant. Mathematics say there are binomial(n+k-1,k-1) different combinations. I have already produced a recursive procedure to solve the problem and it is displayed below. I have placed a counter in the procedure to control if the procedures get through...

Dear Maple users

The Statistics package contain a Histogram command which can produce a linegraph (or what you call it). Ex:






It will calculate the frequency of each of the outcomes as they appear in the list and will plot them accordingly: 

Dear Maple users

I am trying to simulate the distribution of Q-values (Karl Peason) in a Contingency table. In that regard I need to use a two dimensional iteration. It require quite a lot of time to perform the computations. Using the values below, it required 1.3 mio iterations and took about 5 minuttes on my computer. My question is if there are ways I can speed it up? It might be using different commands, which are executed faster, performing computations in the...

Dear Maple users

In a short Maple program I am dealing with a collection of random samples from a uniform distribution. My problem is that every time I call a procedure creating a sample, I get the exact same one! Every run needs a different seed. How do I get a new 'random' sample? I could probably let Maple create all from scratch calling the Sample command with a two-dimensional range, but this will requre a big memory ...


Here is part of my code:

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