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Goodday, Ladies and Gents, My Prof. has asked us to prepare text files containing pi, e, sqrt(2) and the golden mean to 100,000 places for class next week. Easy enough ((evalf[200])(sqrt(2)),(evalf[200])(exp(1)),evalf[200](Pi) - excepting for golden mean. Is there a quick way to do it? Thanks. Evyn
An algorithm created to help scientists process images of tiny specimens has unexpected applications for brain teasers. When Cornell physicist Veit Elser attempted to demystify an esoteric imaging problem for biologists, he had no idea his solution would also help subway riders and break room loiterers around the world figure out those challenging, Sudoku puzzles. While creating an algorithm that could render images of small and delicate biological specimens, Elser inadvertently found a universal solution for the popular Japanese brainteasers. "This algorithm, which was extremely effective in image reconstruction microscopy, was extremely general," he said. "If you just express it in the right mathematical language it could be used in all kinds of things."
Take a piece of string — I mean literally, go get a piece of string and tie it into a knot. Now tape the two ends together so it makes a closed loop — necessary to fulfill the mathematical definition of a "knot." How many different knot types do you think there are? The number is infinite, and the question of how to categorize these manifestations of loopiness has engaged some of the finest mathematical minds for a century. Original story
http://beta.mapleprimes.com/book/is-your-birthday-contained-in-the-digits-of-pi Yes in the format yymmdd! "I found 720212 starting at this location in PI: 486607"
Well, I'm now the proud owner of the student version of Maple 10. The graphing calculator is neat, and I'm having a blast learning the Maple interface.
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