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Hi, How do I calculate Kronecker/tensor products in Maple 10? Regards, Evyn
Hi, Please help! I'm trying to calculate the norm of a vector (3,4). Working it out in my head I get 5. Maple gives me 4. Where is my mistake? with(LinearAlgebra); A := Vector[row]([3, 4]); C := Norm(A); print(C := 4); 4 Evan
HI, I am a Masters student, engaged in research with a small applied maths component, nothing more complex than matrix calculus. I am currently using Scilab, but would like to get a student version of one of the following: Maple Mathematica Matlab Why should I choose Maple? I'm not looking for marketing BS - I can get that off the websites, but I am looking for genuine opinions and facts from people who have more experience than me with these packagaes. Evan
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