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The Maxima package has a function RATWEIGHT that can be used to assign weights to variables:

Function: RATWEIGHT (v1, w1, ..., vn, wn)assigns a weight of wi to the variable vi. This causes a term to be replaced by 0 if its weight exceeds the value of the variable RATWTLVL [default is FALSE which means no truncation]. The weight of a term...


When I type "hypergeom([a+1,b+1],[c+1],z);", Maple switches "[a+1,b+1]" to "[b+1,a+1]" when using the 32-bit command-line interface.  This does not happen when using the graphical java user interface, nor with the 64-bit version...

Why does this happen?

-- Regards,



I cannot understand the behavior of complexplot in the following...

Suppose you do the following:

> f := (x,y) -> sin(x+I);
> g := (x,y) -> cos(x+I);
> complexplot([f(x,y), g(x,y)],x=-2..2,y=-2..2,color=[red,green]);

This will plot two functions in red and green respectively.

Now, I redefine the functions to return a constant:

> f := (x,y) -> sin(I);
Hello, It is possible in Maple to change the values of the arguments passed to a procedure. For example, look at the following procedure: f := proc(x) x := 7; print(x); end; Now you can say f(y); which would print "y" and set the value of y to 7. But then subsequently executing f(y); would give an "illegal use of a formal parameter", since y evaluates to 7 (so the assignment would result in an "invalid left hand side of assignment"). Two questions:
Hello, I have found a difference in the handling of an integral between Maple versions 10 and 12. It bothers me since it was working in version 10, but now it gives a numeric exception... I'm not sure whether the replacement is valid or not, so I hope someone can validate it for me. Suppose I have the function definition > f := (x,a,b) -> int( t^(a-1) * (1-t)^(b-1), t=0..x ); As an example, consider > f(2.,3.,.4); This gives -0.8 both in Maple version 10 and 12. However, if I replace the previous statement with > f(x,a,b); > subs( x=2., a=3., b=4., % );
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