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Hello everyone,


I'm having some trouble overlaying a set of complex plots. I follow the usual procedure 'display(p0,p1)' I only get p1...


If i try with plots the display command works fine, here's the piece of code I'm trying to get working (r is defined elswhere as function of x and phi):

i := 0;

p := Array(0 .. 10);

for x from 0 by .2 to 2

do p[i] := complexplot(r, phi = -(1/2)*Pi .. (1/2)*Pi);

i := i+1

end do;

display(p[1], p[10]);


Any hints?




I'm thinking about getting a new laptop (since the current one is kind of outdated). I use a lot of Matlab, Maple and Mathematica and will be doing come cfd computations. I found two laptops which, for the same price, only differ in processor and screen size. One features a i7-2620M and has a 13' screen and the other a i7-2670QM with a 15' screen. What I need to know is if the difference between processors is significant enough for me to turn a blind eye on portability ...



I have been trying to convert a small script (Maple 15) to latex but ran into a strange problem. Literal subscripts don't seem to work.

When I have, for example " f_a " latex will generate a pdf, as expected, with " fa ". However, if I have " f(ctrl+shift+_)a " I get "  ‘#msub(mi("f"),mi("a"))‘ ".


I am kind of new to this maple+latex thing and have searched everywhere for a solution but without...

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