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I'm a beginner in programing with Maple.

Maple has an algorithm "LinearSolve". 

I'm trying - just for fun - to generate an algorithm to solve a linear system of equations according to the Gauss-Jordan-method.

The linear System is given by:


(in the worksheet: M1 is a matrix, point (1)

b is a vector, point (2) and x is a vector too and is the solution of system, point (3)).

Point (3) is to check - after the generated algorithm points out the solution - if the algorthm is working fine.

The augmented matrix M2 is given by <M1|b>, point (4).

First, I want to generate zeros under the main diagonal of matrix M1 in the augmented matrix M2.

In the worksheet there is my idea to do this, but I get a (perhaps simple) error message ("Error, Invalid if statement termination"). But I don't know what I'm doing wrong...

Perhaps someone can have a look on my idea (link to the file) and give me a hint?

Thanks a lot for your help!!


Hello, I've got a simple question in Maple7. I tried to fill the array "intXdA()" in the for-loop but I failed. How I have to declare it after "global" in the beginning? Is it possible to declare it after "n" is determined - so that it has n elements?


> flsp:= proc(f,ug,og) global i,n,intXdA()
   if  ug<0 and og=0 then n:=1 end if:
   if ug<0 and og>0 then n:=2 end if:

I tried to write a procedure for the first time and it worked good. But I still have problems:

1. the coordinates of the point "p"
Is it possible to mix text with variables like: "The balance point is: xs:",xs,"/ys:",ys
                        or "The balance point is [xs,ys]=",p

2. use of "y" after procedure has processed
I declared the variables of the...


I'm using Maple 7 and got a question:

I've got the function y

y:=x->(x)^0.5; ug:=0; og:=10;




How do I create a point with the coordinates [xs,ys] and plot it with the function y in one graphic?

I'm using plot(y(x),x=ug..og); to plot the function y.

Thanks for your help!


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