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These are questions asked by franen


I have this file (of course it's not the real file):

input parameters
A := 5;
B := 6;
C := 7;

derived parameters
E := A*B;
F := cos(A)+e^B;
G := 265/C;
Parameters to be calculated
T := E^2+G-sin(F);
U := F+E-B;


I'd like to find a way for changing A, B, and C (for example giving them the values 1, 2, .. ,9) and getting a table (i mean a CSV or something else) with the values of T and U calculated for the different input values.

Do you know if it is possible?

And sorry if I wrote something wrong, it's my first post, and I'm not expert with Maple. I used it many years ago at the University, and now I'm trying to use it again.

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