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Dear Maple useres,

I have a polynomial in the form f(s)/g(s) where f and g are polynomial of order 4 with coefficients in symbolic form. I want to convert it in a form of (s-a)*(s-b)*(s-c)*(s-d)/(s-a1)*(s-b1)*(s-c1)*(s-d1)

When i provide the numic value of  symbolic coefficients, Maple find it easy to factor it in the desired form. Otherwise i get a messy solution in the form of root of... expression. Even with assume command, I see no difference in the result. Is there a way to get the above simple form rather than root of expression?



Dear Maple users,

I have a big exporession in the form f(s)/g(s) where f and g are polynomial involving irrational coefficients. Both f and g consist of hundreds of terms. One way to get the inverse laplace is to factor the expression and then take the invlaplace.

The code is as follows:




I get sol as a function of time, which gives satisfactory result for t=0 but  grows bigger and bigger with increasing value of time. From the limit theorum I see that  Limit (s*f(s)/g(s)) as s--> 0 is finite, which means that the invlaplace is not correct at very large value of time.

What is the error in the process?



Dear Maple  users,

I am facing the memory allocation problem while calculating the inverse Laplace transformation of a big expression. I have many such terms (401) and I am importing them from a text file.

For an individual term itself, Maple consumes huge memory but at the end, it is able to calculate it in about an hour. I want to automate the process of reading and writing the terms one by one from the different text files. While doing so, maple eats a lot of memory and I see the error msg

"Error, (in expand/bigprod) Maple was unable to allocate enough memory to complete this computation.
Please see ?alloc "

Is there a way to do so? The maple file is attached.


Hi !

I am importing a matrix from a text file. I am using the command,

ImportMatrix("Filelocation/Filename.txt", 'source' = 'delimited', 'delimiter' = " ");

I see the following error:

Error, (in ImportMatrix) cannot interpret file

I think it is because of the huge size.(700 MB, and 28 GB respectively)

How to import such a matrix in maple?


Daer maple useres,

I am solving around 170 linear algebraic equations (symbolic) using linearalgebra " solve" command. I see the cpu usage is only 15%; as I the cpu is  i-7, octacore ,15% means around 1 core is in use. With time (12 hours)  cpu usage goes down to 0% showing free memory approx 0.

Why  is it happening? Is it due to high memory usage in storing large symobic expressions? Is there a way to engage all the cores( 100% Cpu)?

Thanks and regards.

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