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I have a csvfile that contains text and real numbers. As it contains text there must be some trick to force maple read only floating points and then plot it.

The below works fine if the file doesn't contain text:

 A:= ExcelTools :- Import("C:\\Users\\path\\filename.xls");

p1 := plots:-pointplot(A, style = line, linestyle = dash, color = blue);



How to label in inline math mode. I tried labels = ['theta', Typesetting:-Typeset(cos(1/theta)/sqrt(1-theta^2))] which gives a big expression on Y axis spreaded in two lines. But i want to label one line as in latex $\cos(1/\theta)/sqrt(1-\theta^2))$ . Is there a way to do it ?

I want to set the position of the legend inside the figure window for example say top right in the figure window. Maple chose the legend to be at right, left, top, bottom outside the figure window. How can I place the legend of my own wish?


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