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Dear Maple users,

I am solving a system of linear equations Ax=b where A is a matrix (243*241) which contains a rational polynomial of unknown "kappa" along with floating numbers. As suggested in some other posts I am using Linear algebra package with the LinearSolve command and option "solve" to find out unknown vector x. b is a vector having entries zero and 1. The system is such that two equations are redundant but it is difficult to recognise which two are redundant and hence for the time being I am keeping them in the matrix. (For a known value of kappa (say kappa=2) I have checked that two equations are redundant.) For the reference, the matrix and the right-hand vector b is attached as text.

There are two issues

1) Maple takes very long time (12 hours and so) to get x=b\A;

2) The result is a long expression i.e.  x[i] is a rational polynomial in kappa; a very long rational polynomial which I am importing as a text. I am not sure if maple exports all terms in the polynomial as for the different value of kappa I see Ax-b >0. 

How can I overcome this problem? Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

Hi all!

I am using the solve command for solving 200 equations (linear in 200 unknowns) symbolically. The solve command computes efficiently for 50 equations, after which the efficiency decreases (RAM memory and computation issues).

Is there some other better way available to solve a system of algebraic equations symbolically?


Dear Maple users,

Is it possible to draw a portion of the figure on the figure it self (Inset) In maple? Below is an example pic:




Dear Maple users,

I want to label Y axis such that it doesn't encroach the numbers. The figure below illustrates the difficulty I am facing. How can I change the default setting to put letter '\bar{U}' at some distance from Y axis so that it doesn't look crowded? Thanks.

Edit. One crude way to do this is by using typesetting command.

labels = [log(n), typeset(conjugate(U), " ")]


 Dear Maple users,

In Maple 18, I want to  label y axis as $\hat{\sigma}_y$.

labels = [x, sigma[y]] works fine but I have no idea how to put a hat on sigma[y] .



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