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Below is one way of doing this. I'm sure there are many more. >restart: >with(Student[Calculus1]): >ApproximateInt(5-x^2, x=1..2, method = trapezoid, output = plot, partition = 60, thickness=2,color=brown); By changing the value of partition= you can alter how the shaded region is displayed. A small number will give you vertical lines and a big number will shade in the region to make it look solid. The thickness and color options affect the original 5-x^2 fuction curve display. Change these to see what happens. Regards, Georgios Kokovidis Dräger Medical
>f := x -> piecewise(x<-1,2-x,x>=-1 and x<=1,x,x>1,2*x+1); >f(x); >plot(f(x),x=-10..10,discont=true); "discont=true" command is to be used when the function is undefined at one or more values over which it is being plotted. Otherwise Maple might try to connect the lines. Regards, Georgios Kokovidis Dräger Medical
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