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Try adding gridlines=true at the end, and see if it meets your needs.  The gridlines loook "gray" by default when I run your worksheet.

plot(k, x = 10 .. 0.1e7, view = [10 .. 0.1e7, 0.92 .. 0.99], color = "Blue", background = "Ivory", filled = [color = "Cyan", transparency = 0.9], axis = [mode = log], size = [600, 300], gridlines = true)

@NIMA112 It has to do with your particular installation of the DirectSearch package.

In your attached worksheet (Fung.mws), you see two lines after the command, with(DirectSearch).

                     [GlobalSearch, Search]

In my installation, I see what is listed below.


`Standard Worksheet Interface, Maple 2020.2, Windows 10, November 11 2020 Build ID 1502365`



[BoundedObjective, CompromiseProgramming, DataFit, ExponentialWeightedSum, GlobalOptima, GlobalSearch, Minimax, ModifiedTchebycheff, Search, SolveEquations, WeightedProduct, WeightedSum]



Download DirectSearch.mw

@somestudent See link here for removing small imaginary part.



I think this is only available in Document mode.  In Worksheet mode, it is grayed out on my Windows 2020.2 Version of Maple.



@AHSAN The part above the example is necessary for other problems as well.

The changes made were the x range, y range and number of contours when

calling ContoursWithLabels.  Try changing  x=, y= and contours= values to see the effects.

@AHSAN  What are the issues you are facing?

Using the code and example provided by Carl Love as a basis, it looks like it does what you are looking for.  If not, be explicit with what your actual errors are.

Download ContoursWithLabelsPsiExample.mw

See if the link here has what you are looking for.

@salauayobami Where is your code?  Use the Green up arrow to upload your worksheet, 

or include a plain text example below of your code.

As tomleslie mentions, upload your worksheet. 

If I had to guess, you are trying to move to the next line of Maple commands in the workspace.  The way to do this is to hold down

the Shift Key and then hit Enter.  That will take you to the next line.  If this is not what you are trying to do, then back to uploading your worksheet.



@tomleslie I exported, as you did, to bitmap first, then converted to pdf through the built in Microsoft Print to pdf feature.  File attached.  Looks a little better, but the issue still remains (why multiple steps).





As acer mentions above, upload you ACTUAL worksheet using the Green uparrow, so the Mapleprimes community can actually see what you are doing, not what you SAY you are doing.

@mike7944 The attached is copied and pasted from the above, Maple 2020.2 Windows 10.  No error message.  Runs fine.

Click on the file to open in Maple, and see if you get the same error.  If you do, then post you version of Maple and the steps you took to give you that error.

Download unwrap_trig.mw



@mmcdara As a funny, if you take the question literally ( I know this is a typo), at age 25, she will have in the account probably what she started with.


Your definition of "real" might not be what you think it is.

Check the statements in the attached, and then recheck your worksheet.  Better yet, upload your worksheet using the big Green arrow.


Download real.mw

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