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Hello,  how can i  to adapt the  commands  below  to write  in fprintf a vector with  N components.



fprintf(fd,"x = %d, y = %g",x,y)


For exemple: Given a vector (or list)  v:=[1,2,3,4,....N], i would like to get  a file with  N column and 1 line, where N is a integer number, which i will give.

Thanks for any help.



Hello guys, i would like to do parallel computation in my code written in the Maple18. The question that can help me is:

Given a procedure that compute an function g, where g = f1+f2+f3+f4+f5+f6+f7+f8, i would like to compute all fi at same time.
Now, i´m using " grid:-seq('f[i]',[i=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8])" and it works very well. However, i think that for my case an better solution should be;
Calculate the f1 in core 1, f2 in core 2, f3 in core 3 ... f8 in core 8 at same time, and after this, to sum all results(f1+f2+f3+..+f8). How i can do this?



Hello guys, I have a question. Is there any possibility to calculate two or more procedures at same time in the maple18 ?. I m thinking about using of the Grid or threads tools.

My problem is:

Given two functions/ procedures, f1(x,y) and f2(x,y). I need make an parallel computation of f1 and f2 and after i need get

f3 = f1+f2.

I am very grateful for the help.

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