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These are questions asked by hammerpw

when a student or colleague attaches a .mw file to an e-mail....i have trouble opening it....when i try to i get this question "How do you want to open this text file?" with four options "Maple Text", "Plaintext," "Maple Input" and "Cancel".  it does not matter what I enter here....the worksheet appears empty.

i do not have any problem with .mws files as e-mail attachments.


I have a sequence of numbers including only 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7's and I want to create a file that will play music according to the sequence of numbers.  For a 0 play middle C. For 1 play D, For 2 play E, etc.

Is there a simple way to do this.  I know very little about sound, .WAV files, etc.

I am coloring the xy plane, by using a procedure(x,y) to assign color. The procedure returns a number and color is assigned according to that number. It works fine but I really want some of the points to be colored BLACK. What numerical value do I use for BLACK? WHITE?
How do I instruct a worksheet to automatically store a sequence of plots as .gif images? In my worksheet, I generate a sequence of say 50 plots and then look at them within the worksheet. I really need to store these someplace else on my computer as .gif files and do not want to export each plot individually.
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