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Key in below command, the Ag2O is not recogonised

h_Ag2O := Property("Hmolar", " Ag2O", "temperature" = T)


I'm trying to just use "ThermophysicalData:-Chemical" function  to calculate below:

1 mol water vapor(H2O,g) condenses to liquid water  at 100C and 101.325kPa

Is there a function embeded to calculate DeltaW/H/S while switching the phases of matter.

thank you.


2 determinants equal, solve for the unknowns in one determinant/Linear Algebra

Hi guys, thank you for reading my question.

A is one determinant "Matrix(2, 3, [[1, 2, 3], [3, 1, 2]])".B is" Matrix(2, 3, [[1, x, 3], [y, 1, z]])"

I wrote 2 matrice in the maple

As I try to solve the unknowns,I wrote:

A:= B, solve(x, y, z) It doesn't work

I switch another phrase,

A = B;solve(B:x,y,z)    It doesn't work as well

Could you help me with it ?

Thank you



Knowing X's PDF is a piecewise function,=cx^2 for 0<=x<3, 0,otherwise

Q1 solve P{-1<=X<=1}

Is it possble to use CDF solve?or I must use calculus?





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