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All critics and new ideas would be appreciated.

If there are still doubts to support "long double" in evalhf then there is one more argument to implement them in at least those machines that support it:

P.S. In that well-known holy war about long double supporting in compilers i'm rather on side of "to support them" than on side of (stupid) microsoft visual c++ compiler.

Check this:

Don't forget set Plot0 component manipulator to "Click and Drag" to test "on click" event. Localizing of problem takes for me ~4 days. It's terrible!


---------for stupid tags


In case if you like notepad++  under windows, and still didn't do smth like that then this is for you

Unpack to notepad++ folder. In case if you already had had other
own language then just copy "Maple language" section.

Half of posts under firefox look cut. For example:

It depends on minimal font size. If set to 15 error can be seen.

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