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These are questions asked by icegood

Want create my own geometric distribution with rather only natural values i.e. without zero:

But such form is luck to calculate even Mean value:

simplify(Mean(c)) fails. How to apply to get even Mean(F(c)) for complicated enough F?

In which context runs subj? Why all time when i start debugging with 'stoperror' it stops at 'interface' call i.e. in debugger


doesn't return 3 as worksheet returns. It return interface('prettyprint') i.e. symbol.

How to patch library maple functions locally if there any method?

Found that in


in 195-196

instead of

j := evalf(j[-1][2]-1);
k := evalf(j[1][1]+1)


should be

j := evalf(t1[-1][2]-1);
k := evalf(t1[1][1]+1)

How to update maple?

In status box between "Evaluating..." and "Memory, Time, Mode" there is enough space. Would be nice to have there smth like "user-defined status" of ~100 symbols (or so). Instead of long printed log you could see status of current stage of long-term process.

how to override Array type? Want workaround next behaviour for float array:


Error, unable to store 't^(4/9)+2^(1/2)' when datatype=sfloat

i.e. to call convertor before assignment. Can i principally to do so?

And yes, no hfloats. I need sfloat. Sow in help that some types could be created like objects (stack, queue etc).

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