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I want to change the colors of a contour such that the region above zero is represented by a different color instead of yellow color,  and that the colors for conts <0 are one set of colors (maybe yellow to red), and the area for which conts >0 is one color which is very different from the others (so maybe white).



I wanna export data from maple to excel and I tried this:

ExcelTools:-Export(op([1, 1], plots:-display( convert( ans1[12..14,3], list))));

I was expecting 4 columns including z vector and 3 columns from ans1[12..14,3] but got only 2 columns.Case1_Revised_080922.mw

Please any help?

Please, how do I use surface or contour to plot discontinous function?

z = f(x,y) := x-.8193318913*sin(x)*cos(x)/(cos(x)^2+sinh(y)^2)-(0.2931044702e-2*(0.7500000000e-3*x^2-0.7500000000e-3*y^2+0.1622336517e-1))*sin(x)*cos(x)/(((0.7500000000e-3*x^2-0.7500000000e-3*y^2+0.1622336517e-1)^2+0.2250000000e-5*x^2*y^2)*(cos(x)^2+sinh(y)^2))-0.4396567053e-5*x*y*sinh(y)*cosh(y)/(((0.7500000000e-3*x^2-0.7500000000e-3*y^2+0.1622336517e-1)^2+0.2250000000e-5*x^2*y^2)*(cos(x)^2+sinh(y)^2)):


Please how I do plot: theta := -(65.7014900075861*(cos(-4.536529763+45365.29764*z)+.1749541674))*exp(-1.603200636*t) for z=0..d.

I tried this: 

display(plot([seq(subs(t = i, theta), i = [seq(0.1*ii, ii = 1 .. 7)])], z = 0 .. d));

But I want this sequence: [seq(subs(t = i, theta), i = [seq(0.1*ii, ii = 1 .. 7)])] to include Pi/2 such that t_0 = Pi/2 in the plot. I.e., I want the Pi/2 to be the initial value in the sequence.

The matrix data[gridji,4] in my code has float undefined. Please, how do I handle it?

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