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I often have large matrices and have to grab only every nth column or row (for plotting

for example). So far I've been doing it this way:

nthColumns:=proc(v_m, v_n)  
v_m[..,[seq(i, i=1..rtable_size(v_m)[2], v_n)]]
nthRows:=proc(v_m, v_n) 
 v_m[[seq(i, i=1..rtable_size(v_m)[1], v_n)],..]

A := LinearAlgebra:-RandomMatrix(20, 20, outputoptions = [datatype = float[8]]);

I often have to create density plots with many (thousands of) points. Hence the first thing I do when I install a new version of maple on linux, is edit dir_of_maple/bin/maple so that


is instead


I have done this for years and never have any memory problems. But recently I have sent my code to someone who runs Windows and they seem to have "out of memory" issues when trying to do density plots of large datasets.

From the page:

it would seem like ubuntu 12.04 is not officially supported for Maple 16. Could someone from Maplesoft comment if there are plans to add support with perhaps a patch? or will we have to wait until Maple 17?

I need to update for certain sofware, but would want to make sure I can run maple in an uncompromised way.



i am trying to pick off some terms programatically from a list of expressions/equations, and am having some trouble.


> select(has, y+3*x(t), x); # works


I am having trouble with the Physics[diff] operator.


#Setup noncommutative operators:
Setup(noncommutativeprefix = {P, H, rho});
              [noncommutativeprefix = {H, P, rho}]

#this works:
#even more complicated stuff works:

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