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I recently got a laptop with an HD display (2560x1440).

While I can make the maple intput (and 2D math output) big enoght via zooming (ctrl+<number>), the default plots are unusable (everything is too small). This is true for "widges" created with Explore as well.

Has anyone come across this? If so how do you deal wit this problem? 

It would be nice if Maple could scale it's interface and default sizes of various elements properly for HD displays.

Hi There:

i have big expressions with many variables of the form (say)  Q__T(t). I would like to simplify my visual parsing of them.

I was wondering if there is a way to tell maple to print particular symbols/variables in specific colors (something akin to what the Physics package does). I.e. I would imagine saying something like:

setup_print_color(Q__T(t), "red");

and then every time Q__T(t) would come up, it would be printed in my desired color.

is this easily possible? I've looked through docs and this site, but can't find any info.




Is anyone running the 2016.1a patch on ubuntu 16.04?

A fresh installation starts up and works, but after I install the patch the installation seems broken:

cd /usr/local/maple2016/bin
/usr/local/maple2016/bin.X86_64_LINUX/mserver: error while loading shared libraries: libicuucmpl.so.56: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
maple: could not start mserver

it looks like my installation does not have libicuucmpl.so.56. I can see these however:

running xmaple has maple open, then stay unresponsive.

Here is the upgrade file, i've been trying to use:
md5sum ./Maple2016.1LinuxX64Upgrade.run
7502caaa65cc623d5d2574823eee9343  ./Maple2016.1LinuxX64Upgrade.run

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

I thought I'd try the latest version of the physics package. I am trying to look at a "simple" function with quantum operators, Taylor expand it, and write terms in normal order (i.e. Dagger(a) terms before a, and Dagger(b) before b), but am having no luck at all. Not sure if this is possible with the current version.

I am also having a couple of weird "interface issues" after loading the package:
1) See the printout from Setup() command - here Dagger(a) and Dagger(b) is sometimes displayed with a bar above the names, but other times (i.e. during other runs) with daggers.
2) Maple gets "stuck" on one of the lines - meaning I press enter, but it does not jump to the next execution block.

Both of these issues are outlined with "NOTE" in the worksheet.

Ultimately, the interface issues are of no concern to me, but I am pretty curious if the current version of the physics package can do what I need?


Worksheet:  commutator_stuff.mw




This is a stripped down example of something I've been doing. Basically I'm building matrices which I then, using unapply, convert into functions of some variables of t.
.... but found that simplify seems to often not work as i'd wish.

mm:=Matrix([[cos(sqrt(g__1^2)*t), (-I*g__1*sin(sqrt(g__1^2)*t))*(1/sqrt(g__1^2))], [(-I*g__1*sin(sqrt(g__1^2)*t))*(1/sqrt(g__1^2)) ,cos(sqrt(g__1^2)*t)]]);

#great - simplifies as i'd expect:
simplify(mm) assuming g__1::positive;

Do the same thing but when matrix is a function of t
mmFun:=unapply(mm, t);

#the function works - gives what i'd expect
mmFun(3); mmFun(t);

#but now the simplification does not work - why the g__1 in the argument of cos does not get properly simplified?
simplify(mmFun(t)) assuming g__1::positive;

Any ideas if this is a bug? I'm using maple 2015.2 on linux 64-bit.

here is the worksheet: simplify_issue.mw



as a side note once can sometimes overcome this with mapping simplify  as in :

map(simplify, resultMatrix ) assuming g__1::positive;

but this is not optimal, and sometimes does not work when i first multiply the matrix by say a vector.




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