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These are questions asked by jenniferchloe

Here is a link to a maple file I found describing what happens to a glider where k=.9--->

I would like to see what happens to the same glider when k=0.---->

***k is the strength of a propeller.

How do I determine whether or not it is a sink/source/spiral/etc based on the eigenvalues?
I was trying to use

Using the Turtle program as seen in the attached Maple document where

R - right turn
L - left turn
F - forward movement
B - backwards movement

I have the basic shape, but I dont know how to write a procedure so that it repeats at the necessary spots to create a fern that looks like this:

Using the Turtle Commands where the following letters represent commands:

F - forward movement
B - back
L - left
R - right

Create a fractal that looks like this one:

Attached is a Maple sheet with a program ReadFile in the beginning that allows for the use of the F,B,L,R letters that I found online. Does anyone see where I took a wrong turn? (haha)

We have two differential equations that model a flight of a glider
               diff(theta(t),t) = (v(t)^2 - cos(theta(t)))/v(t),
               diff(v(t),t)      = -sin(theta(t)) - 0.4*v(t)^2 + k,


-- We're now going to look at a model with a propeller or a small engine attached.
-- v>0 is the speed of the...

I have these two procedures which produce 2/3 parts of my snowflake. But HOW do I angle them to put them together? Or should I modify one to cover the entire snowflake? If so, how should I modify my procedure?

This produces an "up right" fractal of a shape basically like this:   __/\__

  if (n=1) then return("F"); fi;
 ## now n>1
  return( cat( " ",Koch(n-1), "L", Koch(n-1...

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