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Some time ago, I confronted the usefullness of the Table element of Maplets, and found out it was something marely to show data that was known on design time, no posibility to dinamicly inject data on it for example on a result table after a process, but in the past days I met MatrixBuilder, on the Student, LinearAlbegra package, and I wonder first if that is a maplet, and second, if that is a table element, I tried to crack on the source code of it, but no info came out.

Someone knows what is this window? or if someone is able to crack the source can show me the table part?

As many of you have experienced, the maplet MathMLEditor, has some problem when it comes to interpret correctly the typing functions, even some functions with the help of the palette.

I was trying to input this function : sin(4*x)+cos(2*x) but after moving form the unknown tag _XML_ error, I end up with misinterpretations of this function, to things like  4*sin(x)+cos(2*x).

So, the comments in this blog tells that the better solution is to use a TextField to get the input function, but now I face this problem

f := Get('txtFunction');

After fighting with the Maplet Table control, I decided to give it a try to the TextBox, using tabulator spaces, to have some degree of control over the column layout I need to present tablar results.

The problem I am facing now, is that the "\t" tabulator scape caractar on the textbox has a size to big, in some applications you can set the tab size, in number of caracters or something else, anyone know if this is possible in Maple or on  a Maplet?

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