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how do i determine the coefficient of determination?
i am trying to find a regression plot for "n" data points with a degree of "n-1" but maple gives me this: Warning, there are zero degrees of freedom a regression curve with that degree should have a r^2 = 1. this regression curve is possible on my ti 83, but not in maple. how do i get it to work in maple?
why won't this display my graphs: g:=x->sin(Pi*x/6): h:=x->((7.4*10^22)/(3.84*10^8)^3)/((2*10^30)/(1.5*10^11)^3)*sin(4*Pi*x/(24+5/6)): A:=plot(g(x),x=0..24*7): B:=plot(h(x),x=0..24*7): display(A,B);
i am trying to get maple to expand this expression into one entire fraction: a(1/2*e+1/2*f)^3+b(1/2*e+1/2*f)^2+c(1/2*e+1/2*f)+d and then after i need to substitute the sum of certain terms into the new ae^3+be^2+ce+d = 0 also, is it possible to have the above expression entered in as an ordered pair, and then expanded and expressed in an ordered pair: ie expand this: ((e+f)/2,a(1/2*e+1/2*f)^3+b(1/2*e+1/2*f)^2+c(1/2*e+1/2*f)+d)
when expanding an expression like (x+1)^7*(x-2)^9, how do arrange the terms by increasing/decreasing degree? ie ax^16+bx^15+cx^14+...
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