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Thank you very much for your help! Kai
Thank you Scott for your help! Kai
In the file attached to this posting is a possible solution. Now I have the problem that I can't get maple to integrate over the sum of functions even though I can plot the sum (see attached worksheet to this posting). How do I get Maple to evaluate the integration? Download 305_piecewise_timeshift_possible_solution.mws
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The following pictures are screen shots from the maple example file.
I tried to illustrate what I want to do with a little graphic:
Sorry, my question was not completely shown. ... Now I would like to define a piecewise defined function iL2. iL2 = {iL1(t+2/3*T_input) for 0 'smaller than' t 'smaller than' 1/3*T_input iL1(t-1/3*T_input) for 1/3*T 'smaller' t 'smaller than' T_input} How is it possible to do this in Maple? All my tries failed so far. I linked a maple example file for the problem in the posting before this one. Every comment or idea would be helpful.
restart; with(plots): with(plottools): addcoords(z_cylindrical_elliptical,[z,r,phi],[r*cos(phi),1/sqrt(3)*r*sin(phi),z]); a:=implicitplot3d(x^2=y,x=0..2,y=0..1,z=0..4, axes=normal, color=red): b:=implicitplot3d(x=y^2,x=0..2,y=0..1,z=0..4, axes=normal, color=red): c:=plot3d(r^2,r=0..2,phi=0..Pi/2,coords=z_cylindrical_elliptical, title=`elliptisches Paraboloid`,axes=normal,labels=["x","y","z"], scaling=constrained, color=blue,style=wireframe): d:=plot3d(0,x=0..2,y=0..2, axes=normal, style=wireframe, color=green): display({a,b,c,d}); How can I get maple to plot a function that fullfills the following restrictions. if z
I guess I found my mistake. Shouldn't be using expressions and functions in one plot3d command. Is there another solution to this than that: Output_Curve_Ua_Ue_Ue_const:=Ua_input*Ia_input/(Ia_IaLGmax*(Ue_input/(8*L_input)*T_input)*Ue_input); > Output_Curve_Ua_Ue_Ue_const_func:=(Ia_IaLGmax_f,Ua_Ue_f)->Ua_input*Ia_input/(Ia_IaLGmax_f*(Ue_input/(8*L_input)*T_input)*Ue_input); > Ia_IaLGmax_func:=(Ia_IaLGmax_f,Ua_Ue_f)->Ia_IaLGmax_f; > Output_Curve_Ua_Ue_Ue_const_func_z_value:=(Ia_IaLGmax_f,Ua_Ue_f)->iL_RMS_func_Ue_const(Ia_IaLGmax_f,Output_Curve_Ua_Ue_Ue_const_func(Ia_IaLGmax_f,Ua_Ue_f)); > > Output_Curve_3dplot_Ue_const_IS_peak:=plot3d([Ia_IaLGmax_func,Output_Curve_Ua_Ue_Ue_const_func,Output_Curve_Ua_Ue_Ue_const_func_z_value],0..2,0..1,axes=normal, color=blue, style=HIDDEN); ?
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