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I wrote a procedure that should generate a series of functions. Now I would like to integrate over the sum of a specific series of the functions. Unfortunately I can't get Maple to evaluate the last integration command even though I can plot the sum of the functions. >iLk_waveform_func:=proc(Ue,Ua,Ia,L,T,t,n,k) > local liL; > # n := number of phase > # k := index of iLk > if not (t::numeric and n::numeric and k::numeric) then > return 'procname'(args) > end if; > > > if (t
I have a piecewise defined function iL1. Now I would like to define a function iL2 = ( iL1(t+2/3*T) for 0 <= t <= 1/3*T iL1(t-1/3*T) for 1/3*T < t <= T ) How can I do this in Maple? How can I change the boundaries in a piecewise defined function in order to be able to perform a time shift? The following linked worksheet shows the definition for iL1 and what I would like to achieve. Download 305_test_piecewise_timeshift.mws
Hi, is it possible to define a variable for example "x" upon which it depends whether an execution group in a worksheet will be excecuted when clicking on !!! (Execute whole worksheet) or not? Illustration of the idea: x:=1; if x=1 then execute execution group else do nothing end if; I am thankful about any ideas!
I want to plot the volume that is enclosed by the following four areas: x^2+3*y^2=z z=0 y^2=x x^2=y I got so far that my plot looks like this .
I want to display a 3dplot of a current

iL_RMS_3dplot_Ue_const:=plot3d(iL_RMS_func_Ue_const, 0..2, 0..1, axes=normal, title="RMS current through the inductor with Ue constant and Ua variable", labels=["Ia_IaLGmax", "Ua_Ue", "iL_RMS_Ue_const"]);

together with an output curve. The output curve (which is two dimensional) should have as the z value in a 3d plot the value of iL_RMS_3dplot_Ue_const at that place. I have uploaded an example to http://www-users.rwth-aachen.de/Kai.Schueler/3dplot_example.jpg (the blue curve is the output curve). Is it possible, without recalculating the z value with a function to call, to extract it from the iL_RMS_3dplot_Ue_const plot data structure with an op command or something similar. The 3dplot command for the output curve should look somehow like this:
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