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I don't understand, why maple has problems with the following command:


It seems that Maple doesn't call the funciton iL_RMS_func_Ue_const with the function variables Iatest and Utest. Instead it just uses the variable names Iatest and Utest. I get the error message:

Error, (in iL_RMS_AVG) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 46.87500000*Iatest <= .1250000000*(1500-1500*U_test)*U_test

How do I get Maple to use the actual Values of Iatest und U_test? Below are the functions which are related to the problem.
What does "Warning, `delta_Ia_con_p` is implicitly declared local to procedure `inductor_current_RMS_AVG_p`" exactly mean?

I get this, when I execute the following procedure:

# art=0 returns RMS current and art=1 returns AVG current
> inductor_current_RMS_AVG_p:=proc(Ue,Ua,Ia,L,T,art)
> delta_Ia_con_p:=(Ue-Ua)/L*Ua/Ue*T;
> inititial_inductor_current_con_p:=Ia-delta_Ia_con_p/2;
> initial_inductor_current_p:=piecewise(Ia<eval(IaLG_boundary_condition), 0, inititial_inductor_current_con_p);
> # initial_inductor_current_input:=initial_inductor_current;
> inductor_current_increase_p:=initial_inductor_current_p+(Ue-Ua)/L*t;
How do I round to a certain number of digits after the decimal point? Is there an easier way than the one shown below? > number:=12.3678918; > before:=trunc(number); > after:=number-before; > afterrounded:=evalf[2](after); > roundednumber:=before+afterrounded;
How do I format a set of strings consisting of numbers and normal text strings. I want to label a color bar like it is shown below. Each last digit of a number should be below the last digit of the number in the string above. Is used the following command to create the label of the color bar: c:=textplot([seq([2.42,0.05+i/5*0.95,Join([convert(2*100*i/10,string), "*(max(energy)-min(energy))"])],i=0..5)],align={RIGHT}) P.S.: What is the maximum file size of an attachment to a post? I couldn't attach an image that's 8kb big.
How do I calculate the maximum value of a procedure within a defined region. I want to calculate the maximum value of the procedure p for Ia_IaLGmax=0..2, Ua_Ue=0..1. How can this be done in maple?

boundary:=solve(helpvariable, Ia_IaLGmax);
if Ia_IaLGmax<=(-4*Ua_Ue^2+4*Ua_Ue) then factor*1/2*L*((Ue-Ua_Ue*Ue)/L*(1/2/(Ua_Ue-1)*(-(Ua_Ue-1)*Ua_Ue*Ia_IaLGmax)^(1/2))*T)^2 else factor*1/2*L*(Ia_IaLGmax*Ue/(8*L)*T+1/2*Ua_Ue*Ue/L*(1-Ua_Ue)*T)^2 end if end proc;
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