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Hi everybody:

I just recently "discovered" Maple components based on an interesting blog posted by Dr. Lopez and I am trying to figure out what's really possible. Is it meant for "Big Time" or for small (but still usefull) things? Specifically, I don't see any provision about creating custom components. Not even as simple as an on/off switch. For sure you can combine the ones from the palette and achieve certain customization but you're going to waste quite a bit...

Hi everybody:

I am running an application which involves solving symbolically an ODE over a three segment domain and then adjusting the constants of integration to satisfy boundary/continuity conditions. I wrote the code in document mode and noticed that it takes very long to execute. I resurrected the old worksheet-based code which does basically the same thing and it runs much faster. Of course the code in both cases (due to evolution of both software and user) is not exactly the same.

I would like to do the following


using seq on the left-hand-side. I know I have done it in the past but don't get it this time. End up with error messages. Not sure what am I missing.

thanks a lot


Hi everybody:

I was wondering if there's a tool in maple that would allow you to plot a function f(x,y) over a geometric shape (e,g,, a triangle). Sort of like the Matlab logo if you know what I mean. Or even simpler: for x=0,y=0..10, sin(y), and y=10,x=0..10, sin(x)

thanks a lot


Hi everybody:

I have an application that requires the following:

a) perform integration of a 2D function over a triangle;

b) perform integration of a 2D or 3D function using different orders in each direction.

Other than writing your own procedures is there a way to do that with Maple? And if you have to go down that path, could you somehow utilize the weights and stations of integration which are hardwired (I assume) in Maple? And in so doing save your self the effort of typing long streams of numbers.


thanks a lot

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