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Hi everybody!

I am trying to do something as simple as plotting z=z(r,theta). I just don't get. Neither the help file nor techsupport have been of much use. What am I missing? Why is it that you have no axis annotation like you do in case of cartesian coordinates?!

thanks in advance


When trying to compute the eigenvalues of a symbolic matrix whose elements have different dimensions (say some are of the form A/L others are of the form B/L, L being length) the computed eigenvalues are incorrect.  To get the correct values you need to normalize the matrix so that all elements have the same dimension. Or am I missing something?

thanks in advance

dimitrios karamanlidis

I have the following situation (related to the design of steel structures). Using Maple you compute for a given loading the minimum required section modulus (a cross-sectional property). With that value you enter the section data base (an EXCEL spreadsheet) find all candidate sections whose modulus equals or exceeds the minimum and select the correct one based on some criteria (e.g., weight which is also included in the spreadsheet). Right now this is done manually. Any way to have MAPLE do that for me?


dimitrios karamanlidis

I am trying to export a command from Maple 10 into, say, Word. I noticed that when the command exceeds a certain length (??) then it's being put into two lines. whereas the original was just one. I am using cut and paste special. It happens regardless of what format you use for paste special. ditto concerning the paragraph format in word. any help appreciated. thanks
Sorry in advance, for the low-level question. What Maple command allows you to form an (n,2) matrix from two (n,1) column vectors? thanks a lot
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