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Hi everybody:

I have a bilinear form, that is an expression that may be written down in the form

Rowvector(1,n)*Matrix (n,m)*Columnvector(m,1)

and what I like to do is extract the Matrix(n,m) from it.

One way of doing that is take the derivatives of the expression in terms of the components of the two vectors. However, in my view coeffs should work as well. The problem is I don't see how the returned results are sorted out based on my supplied list, e.g.


In some application I end up with maple-generated expressions that cover several pages. Things would be much simpler if I could define abreviations for lengthy expressions and express all subsequent results with their help. Some of that can be accomplished by alias and algsubs but not all of it. Anyone has any suggestions?

takes a lot


Hi everybody:

Concerning exporting a worksheet as RTF (Maple12, win XP) I note two things: a) if you use inline output things such as equal sign, arrow with "at 5 digits" text, etc. appear slightly higher than the rest of the expression. also some part of the output is chopped off. b) the labels don't export.

Are these things consistent with what you could currently expect from maple or am I missing something?



Suppose you have a system of linear ODE's and you want to convert them into one matrix equation. Basically what you do with algebraic eqs using GenerateMatrix. Is there a Maple command to do that? Obviously, one could you use the lagrangian if the eqs happen to represent a dynamic system but that's not what I am looking for. And the second part of the question, once you have the matrices is there a way to export them and ,say, run a finite element analysis with them?

thanks a lot



Concerning Maple 12 I note the following behavior:

cos(alpha-beta) displays as typed

cos(beta-alpha) displays as cos(alpha-beta)


sin(beta-alpha) is displayed as -sin(alpha-beta)

Anyone knows the xplanation for that and possibly how to prevent it from happening?

thanks a lot.


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