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In the previous question, we discussed a workaround for evaluating a multi-variable integration. 

For the following example 

> g := (e1, e2, e3) -> piecewise(e1+1.200000000 <= e2 and e3-2.400000000 <= e1, evalf(64.00000000*exp((-1)*8.000000000*e1^2)*exp((-1)*8.000000000*e2^2)*exp((-1)*8.000000000*e3^2)/Pi^2), 0);
> evalf(Int((x, y, z) -> g(x, y, z), [-2 .. 2, -2 .. 2, -2 .. 2]), 3);
Maple could start execution and do the computation.

When an integration is successfully evaluated numerically, a float number is returned, otherwise the unevaluated expression is returned. I'm wondering whether Maple has a utility function which simply takes in whatever the integration evaluation gives and return a boolean flag indicating whether it is unevaluated or is a floating point result? 

Hi everyone, 

In my research project, I needed to evaluate a multi-variable integration. I'm trying to do this in Maple, and seems no matter I use Int or int, it failed to evaluate the integration. 

Here's my code:

I'm integrating a joint probability density function which is basically a multiplication of four PDFs of four Gaussian distributions:

> mu := 0:                                                    ...

Dear all, 

I have two questions regarding truncated normal distribution.

1. Is there a convenient way in Maple to compute and plot the density function of a truncated normal distribution? I know that in Maple, after creating a random variable, I can use the function Statistics:-PDF to compute the density function, and use DensityPlot to draw the function. But for truncated distribution, I have to compute it manually by doing integration to compute the normalized...

Dear all, 

I'm using the maple command in MacOS. While doing some computations, Maple periodically prints out the GC information such as:

memory used=444.9MB, alloc=184.7MB, time=7.75

I'm wondering how to tell Maple to only suppress those information? I also noticed that maple has an option -q to suppress such information, however, that option is too powerful which suppress other useful pretty printings too, which is not what i want.


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