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Hi everybody.

In the help pages, I read that :

"This PLU decomposition generates a square unit lower triangular L factor and an upper triangular factor U with the same dimensions as A so that
                                A = P . L . U
.  The Matrix P is a permutation Matrix."

While looking into that subject, Maple offer me this:

Look at the attach file to see the problem.  I am wondering why I cannot obtain solutions with Maple (at least the simple ones I get with Cardan's formula)



Hi all,


Does anybody know about this function, that is no more in Maple as a spécial function?  I search the web and I can't find the series that represent this function.  Is there somewhere a Maple's user who have program it so I can use it in Maple 12?

Mario Lemelin

Hi all,

While trying to solve the Legendre ODE, my serie (obtain by Frobenius method) was transform by Maple by the following:


> y1x(p);

                             /[  1    1   1  ]  [1]   2\
                    hypergeom|[- - p, - + - p], [-], x |
                             \[  2    2   2  ]  [2]    /

where y1x is my serie and p is the degree of the ODE.  But at the screen, the output is:

So my questions are

1.  What the 2 and the 1 around the F means?

2.  Is it normal that this special function is the solution of the Legendre ODE?

(in fact, I test it for different p::posint and it worked)

3.  Can someone help me to have the ratio |a(k+1)/a(k)| so I can do the ratio test for the convergence of that serie.  In fact, any additionnals informations ,other than the helps pages, would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance







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