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I'd want to create numerical vectors or matrices such that each entry follow the same normal law $N(a,b)$ (the entries are independent). How to do ?

Thanks in advance.

The following toy procedure does not work (I give a value to a symbol). How to make it work ? Thanks.

I consider a polynomial $P(x)$ such that their coefficients are in $\mathbb{Q}(u_1,\cdots,u_k)$ where $u_1,\cdots,u_k$ are complex parameters. I use in Maple the command $galois(p(x),x)$ and I obtain a fixed Galois group solution.  Fortunately, when I give explicit values (randomly chosen) to the $(u_i)_i$, I obtain always the previous group as Galois group. I think that Maple considers that the $(u_i)_i$ satisfy no algebraic equations, that is the $(u_i)_i$ are generic....

Hi, Let P=256*x^8+128*x^7-448*x^6-192*x^5+240*x^4+80*x^3-40*x^2-8*x+1 and Q=x^8-36*x^7+210*x^6-462*x^5+495*x^4-286*x^3+91*x^2-15*x+1. The roots of these 2 irreducible (over Q) polynomials generate the same Q-extension. (P is the minimal polynomial of cos(2*Pi/17)). I'd want to write the Q-roots as algebraic functions of the P-roots; there exist 8 such functions. If I use "evala(Primfield{RootOf(P)}{RootOf(Q)})" I obtain an error message but I see that Maple has the result (in part hidden!!). What can I do ? More generally: let P,Q 2 irreducible polynomials over Q; do they generate the same Q extension ? Does a such test exist ?
Hi, as I did not receive a response to my first post I renew it with more details. I use Maple10 for Prof. under the operating system XP pro. My Maple is out of order because my "kernel connection is not available" and Maple is closed by "mserver.exe"; yet my firewalls are stopped when I open Maple. Before this problem Maple did'nt find the dll:"libgmp-3.dll". I reinstalled Maple but the problem is the same. What can I do? Thanks
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