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How can I this problem using maple when you are meant to use a linear transformation and find an equation for eq* using a matrix.



The matrix


The eqution.

eq := 2*x-3*y+z = 4


This is how the problem is specifed. 

A: eq --> eq*


Ok so I have a matrix I reduct to echolon form etc and i use the determinent command to get the deteriment  for the value of K

I use the command fsolve(deterimant(matrix) and I get the the answer printet out as 2,2.


Is there a way to get maple to print out  something like K = 2 or even better have it print out something like

''it's linjeay indepedent when K not equals to 2" or something like that?

You know I would like to have it look nicer or something. 



P1 : x + 2y - z = 1

P2 : 2x + 4y - z = 0

formula is s = |d1-d2|/||n|| 

d1 = 1 d2 = 0 i assume , n = (1 + 2 -1) (P1 pretty much) 

So I end up getting 1/(1+4+(-1))²

1/ 6 , and its the correct answer 

but I can't figure out how to do this properly in maple, does anyone here know how to? (not sure if i even used the formula correctly to get the correct answer by hand)

sorry for a poorly written question I am in a  rush.


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