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I posted this question on the Newbie Forum without success, so I thought I should go ahead and post it here, too. My problem is simple algebra (except there is a lot of it). Every function involved is real, though I'm not sure exactly how to tell Maple that. The equation involves a term under a radical, which I think is the cause of my difficulties. To deal with the radical I use a the simplify/radical command, and I discover that the remaining radical exists in only one term. So I isolate that term on one side of the equation and square the equation. Then I discover that the variable I want to solve for is a common factor, and it appears in even powers. I do a subsitution and end up with a quadratic equation which I solve using the quadratic formula. When I plug the solutions back into the squared equation, I find that they correctly solve that form of the equation. However, when I plug them back into the original equation, I get a mess that I can't seem to simplify. I could use any help you can offer. I will attach a worksheet containing the relevant parts of my work here(with the messiest stuff removed).
I am a newcomer to Maple, so I am going to assume that my problems are generally simple, and that I should be posting in this Newbie forum. My apologies in advance if I assumed wrong. My problem is that I take an equation that contains a radical as a common factor for several terms, rearrange it so the radical is on one side, square the equation to remove the radical, and then do a change of variables to convert the equation to a quadratic and solve it. All of that goes well, but when I convert back to the original variable and attempt to verify the solution it becomes very complicated, and I can't seem to simplify it enough to verify the solution.
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