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Yep, Maple told me my answers was the float of infinity. Anyway to get around this and force it to give me some kind of numerical answer? I know its big but Ill take anything Thanks
Odd question time. I making several small 'sub functions', named in the form y_i. I don't know how big it will get, I keep adding and removing more as I go. Is there a easy way for Maple have combine all the y_i's together into a set(to later plot)? Thanks
Something simple, like this: y:=(x[0])->42 will give me: invalid parameters for inline function Anyone know why? Thanks
Im trying to use a symbol(phi) in a plot's legend, only instead of being displayed it shows %varphi; Is there anyway to force it to display the actual symbol? Thanks
Is this possible? Maybe some kind of option Ive been missing? Id like todo this to a couple of plots and would still like to see them on screen. Thanks
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