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I'm trying to eventually make some 3d plots of some finite fields and different operations on them. Unfortunately I need some way to restrict the input to integers since apparently floor-ing them isnt enough. Heres parts of my worksheet, if it helps: G := GF(2, 8, x^8+x^4+x^3+x+1) `&*` := proc () options operator, arrow; G:-output(G:-`*`(map(G:-input, [args])[])) end proc f[1] := proc (a, b) options operator, arrow; `&*`(floor(a), floor(b)) end proc > plot3d(f[1](a, b), a = 0 .. 255, b = 0 .. 255); %;
Hello I'm working with some finite fields(2^8) and sometimes instead of viewing/working with a polynomial its easier to work with a number. Its easy to convert from polynomial to number by just letting x=2, but is there a easy and built in way to go the other way? Thanks
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