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I have a function i want to plot on the interval 0..15. The function takes the trunc of the input but when I plot I don't actually get 16 individual plots, I get 'mini clusters'. Is it possible to fix this? Thanks
alright, heres my newest task that should be easy that has given me nothing but problems.... I have a function, sFunction, that takes in something between 0 and 15 (*only* integers) and spits out a single value. I would like to create a matrix of the output's bits. Since my numbers are 4 bit, that means it should be 4 wide and 16 high. To get the bits I'm planning on BitAnd-ing them with a power of 2 to isolate it. I keep getting "too many levels of recursion" errors on all my attempts.
Any chance this is possible? I dont like having to 'browse' every time and my matrices arnt even that big. Thanks
Hello I'm trying to plot a piecewise function, only I think the plot I get is wrong. It looks like a linear function when it should be a bit more 'scattered' looking. It also goes past 900 when its max should be 63. Did I mess up the function? Plot arguements? Thanks > pLayer := proc (x) options operator, arrow; piecewise(1
Hello Odd question, I have a vector and I'm wondering if theres a easy way to get bit level access (to specific bits) on the elements. I guess I could have a vectors inside of vectors but it seems wasteful since I also have other operations that arnt at the bit level. Thanks
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