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Is present in last release of Maple an routine for the study of systems equation differential with delay?

Example, in my problem the DDEs:

y1 (t) = y5 (t-1) + y3 (t-1)

y2 (t) = y1 (t-1) + y2 (t-0.5)

y3 (t) = y3 (t-1) + y1 (t-0.5)

y4 (t) = y5 (t-1) * y4 (t-1)

y5 (t) = y1 (t-1)

This is my problem: i've an nonlinear system of six equations and i find the solution with Runge-Kutta: for every t>0 i've x[1](t), x[2](t), x[3](t), xc[1](t), xc[2](t), xc[3](t). I write this solution in the vector "solution" > solution:=dsolve(... Yet i've also another equation ("EQ7") of the type: EQ7 = f(xc[1](t),xc[2](t),xc[3]) with xc[1],xc[2],xc[3] presents in &q
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