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I have a solution containing many exponentail terms, some of which are in the denominators of rational terms. I would like to be able to have the solution given to me in a manner where there are no exponentials in denominators but only in the numerators. The simplify command in maple does it, however for the shear number of terms (just shy of 400,000 terms and maple saying it's million plus) i am looking at, that particular command is just taking too long (15 hours!). Is there...

I'm running a relatively complicated maple file on my mac computer and it's give me the following error message: Kernel connection has been lost. The Kernel returned the following error message: Execution stopped: Memory allocation failed. Please see? alloc for more details. you should sace this worksheet and restart Maple kernel. Firewalls have been known to cause problems with kernel connections in Maple. Please ensure that any firewall software is configured to allow Maple to creat connections to the kernel.
Hi, I'm really new to maple and I'm trying to learn how to do few basic things. I have sequential files 1740.tmp, 1741.tmp, .... 1770.tmp. and each file contains 12 float numbers: 0.400 0.324 0.232 . . . 0.342 what I've done so far is the following: L := [seq(i, i = 1740 .. 1770)] filename := cat("/Users/humadih/test/", L, ".tmp") > Y := readdata(filename, 1) and it's giving me this error: Error, (in readdata) expecting a file name or descriptor I can get rid of this error message if I put one file name like: > Y := readdata("/Users/name/test/1741.tmp", 1)
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